"The best result will come from everyone in the group, doing what's the best for himself...and the group"

(John Nash)

What we do

Market Intelligence

It is a weekly analysis that includes the correlation with industrial researches applied to the sectors of minerals and metals, ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals, to industrial procurement, indices, indicators of international trade, and latest technologies for example as blockchain technology.

Topics are a mix of industrial and business consultancy perspectives, and digital transformation and forecasting of industrial supplies.

Industry, geopolitics, economics and technology, intertwining between the rows..

Market Project

The decentralized blockchain based Marketplace and Stable token for the metals and minerals markets and new trade finance method through a stable token.

Improving the way of two dimensional materials, metals and minerals are traded through transparency and disintermediation. New applications for industrial metals and minerals markets.

3 months

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