Industrial Metals analysis, geopolitics, economics and technology : let's connect the dots !

The uncertainty always set a test for your company. Every time, disruptive forces change the market structure and the economic context for short, medium and long term, always influences procurement choices.

Cum Clave analysis explains the fast transformation of the industrial market. Discover our topics covered, trends and more.

Golden Cross provides forecasting and analysis in industrial sector supply chain. Counselling activity for the supply chain and procurement a customized review of the best and most advanced scientific and technological researches in the future applications of materials for the industrial sector.


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Cum Clave analysis

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Forecasting and analysis for industrial supplies.

Timing on : quarterly, four-monthly and six-monthly.

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Going through the trends in the metals, minerals and two-dimensional materials sectors; the forecasts for industry market and price fluctuations, we evaluate the most important trends and issues in this perspective.

Analysis and interpretation of capital flows investments around the new materials world. New procurement methods for raw materials. Impacts of new complex technologies on raw materials industry.

Golden Cross press release

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Emergency

Golden Cross di Argento, startup founded in December 2019, carefully follows international developments and analyzes industrial metals, crude oil wti, natural gas, supply chain, procurement and industrial research.

For each purchase of Cum Clave analysis, Golden Cross di Argento will donate 50% of the proceeds from the services of :

  • quarterly subscription
  • single purchase
  • purchase of the latest analyzes

to the Swiss Red Cross and Italian Red Cross, to contribute in supporting the rescue and care activities during the current coronavirus emergency.

A heartfelt thanks to all our readers.

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