Golden Cross provides a customized review of the best and most advanced scientific and technological researches in the future applications of materials for the industrial sector : Cum Clave

Topics are on minerals, industrial metals, composite materials, bi-dimensional materials and also currencies and new technologies from the most famous research institutes

Analysis and forecasting of industrial supplies, quarterly, four-monthly and six-monthly

The right access key to 

• New procurement methods for raw materials
• Impacts of new complex technologies on raw materials industry, like Blockchain, AI and Cyber Security
• Out from the crowd point of view and interpretation of financial markets, capital flows and investments around the new materials world

Cum Clave is a simple, brief and critical way to see the old and obsolete system and to embrace the new one with the aim to be readable from everyone

The Golden Cross Ecosystem

Steelmakers , Foundries, Distributors, Users, Mineral extractors and Commercials Banks