“The best result will come from everyone in the group, doing what’s the best for himself…and the group”
(John Nash)

Why the monarch butterfly

Transformation and rebirth are some of the symbolic meanings of a monarch butterfly. Find a new beginning and start living as if you have been reborn.

Make a flight as demanding as our trip.

If you are not willing to sacrifice yourself for the transformation, you will not be able to participate in the new era of market change through the search for new materials and new methods and you will not be able to fly in the sky like a butterfly.

Why an hexagon

The Building Blocks of Creation.
Hexagonal past and future.
Perfect image of the blockchain and two-dimensional materials.
The hexagon is found in the structure of DNA.
A hexagon is the shape that best fills a plane with equal size units and leaves no wasted space. At a refined level of our own nature. Encoded with the shape. Harmony and balance.
When we master our emotions we become complete, and the mirror-image of the hexagon becomes one. The True Self returns to the source of our origin.

Other examples in nature : the ideal crystalline structure of graphene is a hexagonal grid, a beehive honeycomb, the scutes of a turtle’s carapace, saturn’s hexagon, micrograph of a snowflake, hexagonal order of bubbles in a foam, crystal structure of a molecular hexagon composed of hexagonal aromatic rings.

What make us different

Solidity and stability, matched with the ability to innovate; professionalism and fairness of approach and high specialization; care and respect for our clients and partners: these are the values that driven Golden Cross and they are values on which we build every day, relationships with our staff and our clients. Golden Cross by Argento is an innovation boutique and implement large-scale and wide-ranging strategic initiatives.
Professionalism, discretion and ability to anticipate our clients’ needs. We have always been able to take opportunities and understand our clients’ changing needs.

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