Golden Cross strives to construct methodologies that reflect the way the market trades. The specific currencies, volume units, locations and other particulars of an assessment are determined by industry conventions.

In order to be included in the assessment process, deals must meet the minimum volume, delivery, timing and specification require-ments in our methodology. In illiquid markets, and in other cases where deemed appropriate, Golden Cross assesses the range within which product could have traded by applying a strict process outlined later in this methodology. Golden Cross regularly review of methodologies and for a the most objective analysis.

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Golden Cross engage in an analysis of the market data with ensure the quality and integrity of the assessment has not been affected and uses the methodological approach deemed to be the most reliable and representative for each market. 

The information research used to form an assessment could include deals done, bids, offers, tenders, spread trades, exchange trades, fundamental supply and demand information and other inputs. The assessment process is employing is rigorous and replicable, These valuation metrics mirror the process used by physical commodity traders

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Comparative metrics

Usually the relative values between compared commodities are  discussed in the market  with market participants. The negotiation includes , comparison to the same commodity or comparison to a more  traded but slightly different specification commodity in the same market centre, or comparison to the same commodity traded for a different delivery timing or comparison to the commodity’s primary feedstock or primary derived products. 

Lastly comparison to trade in the same commodity but in a different modality for example a vessel or in a different total volume as in full cargo load versus partial cargo load.

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