Golden Cross Project

Golden Cross Project

Improving the way of two dimensional materials, metals and minerals are traded through transparency and disintermediation

The decentralized blockchain based Marketplace and Stable token for the Metals and Minerals markets

Two dimensional materials


New applications for industrial metals and minerals markets

Blockchain Technology

The tech allows digital information to be distributed, but not copied. That means each individual piece of data can only have one owner

The new Trade Finance

Strong reduction letter of credit and contracts executed to hedge foreign exchange risks in international trade

The new Trade Finance and supply chain through the blockchain

Golden Cross is focused on the industrial metals and minerals sector, in particular on bi-dimensional materials, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, steel, iron ore, ferroalloys, brass alloys, brass bars and stainless steel. Golden Cross provides an integrated trading platform based on Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, designed for the needs of metals industry through a reliable and easy to use interface. Golden Cross platform allows operator’s treasury to take benefit of a stable token

Market Drivers

Before a business launches products or services into the market, it must understand early who exactly is likely to purchase it



Golden Cross changing the future market


  • Marketplace (counterparties identificationnegotiation)
  • Research, analysis and development two dimensional materials
  • Analysis and forecast of market prices
  • Stable token issuing and end-to-end management of transactions, including payment of supplies
  • Introduce a new method Trade Finance
  • Technologies : Blockchain + Stable token + Artificial Intelligence


  • Reduced negotiating power
  • High transaction costs (contract opening/closing through banks and letter of credit)
  • Economic losses from exchange rates
  • Long procurement times
  • Fraud risks


Reference market  Commodities : Two dimensional materials, steel, iron and base metals, Minerals