Texts, data and information published in this report are drawn up and checked with the utmost attention. No liability can be attributed to  Golden Cross di Argento for damages that may arise due to errors and omissions. The information contained in this document is intended  for the recipient natural or legal person who purchased the document. The report carries out general analysis and research relating to the reference market and does not contain operational indications relating to the individual customer whose operations are unknown.  Golden Cross di Argento makes the maximum commitment in gathering data from primary sources and the utmost care in the appropriate checks, quoting accredited sources and declines all responsibility for the accuracy of the data written in this report.

Risk attestation

Trading of physical goods is performed by companies that source and sometimes use derivative products (futures and options) for hedging transactions, involve a high risk and is suitable for investors and professional operators with the right risk profile and capital, and solely under their own responsibility.

Past Performance is not indicative of future results.

The report is the result of general analysis, research and insights on the different markets and the material contained herein is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a financial advice. Golden Cross di Argento is not to be considered responsible for any action or behavior of the report purchaser within the information provided and it is done at his/her own risk. All and any information and data in the report and on the web site are protected and cannot be reproduced and modified to or by any third party, as well the publication without prior explicit and specific written authorization  Golden Cross di Argento and it must report the source of the information.

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