The closure of Great Britain and the Nordic countries take advantage?

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The UK National Grid has canceled an Electricity Margin Notice (EMN). National Grid is responsible for ensuring that supply and demand are balanced in British energy systems. The electricity margin notice was canceled as the electricity reserve capacity buffer was restored to an adequate level according to a spokesperson for the National Grid Electricity System Operator.

Forecasts become more certain, both in terms of anticipated electricity demand, weather conditions and known generator availability, which means that the required reserve level is reduced to more accurately reflect current conditions.

National Grid had issued the EMN after predicting the squeeze in electricity supply from 16:30 to 18:30 GMT amid high demand, low production from wind farms and with many other offline power generators.

EDF Energy had previously said it would turn on its West Burton A coal plant if needed. Controversial scenario. On the Norwegian side, power transmission capacity from Norway to Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands will be reduced until the end of 2023 from December due to local upgrades, grid operator Statnett said.


 Grid upgrades in southern Norway during that period will lead to capacity reductions on interconnectors, which allow energy trade across borders, of up to 200megawatts (MW) for both export and import…..

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