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Denmark plans to build two “energy islands” for a total of 4 GW of offshore wind capacity, with the intention of reducing emissions by 70% from the levels of the 1990s by 2030 and becoming an exporter of green energy. The government aims for an ambitious project and is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050. The two islands designed by Denmark would each have a capacity of at least 2 GW, more than doubling the country’s current offshore wind capacity. Denmark wants to be a green pioneer country even during the current crisis. The EU plans to protect 30% of land and seas by 2030 for biodiversity. The islands are expected to generate more electricity than Danish households’ annual consumption and the government hopes to export its green power to neighboring European countries. One of the offshore energy hubs would have been built on an artificial island in the North Sea and could be connected to the Netherlands. In the long term, the island’s capacity could be extended to 10 GW. The second hub was destined for the Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea, with a potential connection to Poland. Denmark said it would open a dialogue to connect the islands to both countries.

The Danish plan

• The plan includes research and development funding, including $ 58 million a year for carbon capture and storage technologies and further biogas investments.

• Incentives and subsidies have been proposed to further improve energy efficiency……..

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