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Worrying signs are emerging for coal exporters to the world’s major markets in Asia, China and India are moving to favor domestic supplies over sea imports, but this is not enough. In the case of higher-grade Austro-Australian thermal coal, lower-ranking Indonesian thermal coal and Australian coking coal used in steel production, prices were put under pressure despite signs of slackening demand.

Ship tracking and port data indicate a slowdown in deliveries of goods to China, number two importer to India and Japan third in the first half of April. While April has historically been a slower month for maritime coal imports. Chinese domestic coal prices have fallen in recent weeks. It is important to note that this is below the informal price range…

New house prices in China in March rose at their slowest annual rate since June 2018, but still at an increase, this could indicate a temporary recovery after economic activity stopped. House prices rose 5.3% in March, even the tenth consecutive month of weakest growth, data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). Prices rose 5.8% in February.

New house prices in China returned to growth on a ….

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