Cum Clave analysis N.10 preview.

Bearish pressure. Traders seem not to believe in a serious rebound. Outstanding stocks are high. Low demand. The zinc stocks registered with the ShFE increased from 28,054 tons at the end of December to 162,402 tons. Zinc is exposed to the economic impact, used in the automotive and construction sectors (galvanized steel). The United Nations agency estimates that the shortage of Chinese components caused a $ 50 billion drop in global exports last month, with the auto industry one of the hardest hits. We indicate to…

Managing Crypto money

We are still not in a world where regular transactions, payments and remittance are going through the crypto money with large volumes but simple tiny steps are easy to do right now, until the full blockchainization will be active in the future.

Let’s see some use cases of the crypto money, not considering the trading for speculation purposes.

Remittances: in case you have parents or friends abroad and you would like to send them money. It is a very practical and fast way to do it, in few seconds you can transfer money and in a cheap way. Both parts just need a crypto wallet and nothing more.

Payments: even if the principle is similar to the remittance since it is an exchange of funds between wallets, it is not quite common nowadays. Several brick and mortar and online stores are starting accepting crypto as an alternative method of payment so you can purchase with the new money. There will be a time where you will…..

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