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Technology acquires data through selected databases and provide us with data immutability. The immutability of the data guarantees that nobody can modify the system with the aim of committing fraud.

It is important to know the origin of the raw materials and their international certifications, offering data integrity, transparency, information sharing and traceability during the procurement phase.

A first step to guarantee provenance and solve long-standing problems related to efficiency, data integrity, transparency, information sharing and traceability for miners and others along the supply chain

Offering a platform and support is important, especially in the execution of the contract. We will talk about the latter in another analysis. Leading the development of alternative solutions that increase data transparency and the efficiency of organizations becomes effective also according to the timing.

The corporate blockchain solution can offer improvements such as reducing letters of credit to the minimum terms and avoiding bank transactions through the construction of contracts to manage the exchange rate risk for businesses.

Few are still able to offer the latter type of product; the market is on the move. Geography offers interesting solutions in Singapore. The country that is at the top for the solutions applied to the sector, immediately after is the Chinese market, but soon they will be the first on the market. This technology offers a powerful tool for companies to guarantee data integrity, reduce risks and improve environmental regulations in their supply chain. 

Focus : Davos and supply chain

Rocky Mountain Institute, MIT Sustainable Supply Chains, the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, and the Payne Institute for Public Policy at the Colorado School of Mines today announced the Coalition on Materials Emissions Transparency (COMET)….

Market : copper and nickel

We know that copper and nickel which are highly recyclable metals. In the energy sector for example: renewable sources such as wind and solar, use copper four to six times per megawatt compared to nuclear or coal generation, with a strong dispersion element, because a lot of wire is needed.

Copper isn’t the only viable metal when it comes to green energy. Aluminium (the choice for high voltage power lines due to its higher conductivity-weight ratio and lower costs) is already used in some wind turbines.

Copper, aluminium (and nickel) are already “cheap and plentiful” and it was not necessary to plan in the face of their scarce alternatives. Be mindful that this is not entirely true.
Many companies still avoid the two-dimensional material search system. When talking to a medium-sized company, it is often an unknown topic because old habits exist.

In the United States, most copper has already been recovered, while for nickel, there is more recycling than primary production in the United States. Neither metal is on the federal critical minerals list. Existing jagged mines. The odds of shortages or market shocks for both metals are low according to some…

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